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Dryer Vent & Ductwork Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is vital for various reasons, which not only include safety but also energy savings. Dryer vents work by pumping out hot, moist air to dry your laundry. Most individuals know that lint blocks the filter and may regularly clean out the filter. However, do you know that lint can also block the inside of your dryer vent’s system?

Dryer vent and ductwork cleaning are necessary home maintenance jobs that you should undertake to protect your family and property. Here are the benefits of regular dryer vent cleaning.

Lower Your Power Bills
When lint blocks your dryer vent, it will take longer for your dryer to dry your laundry. Therefore, your dryer will have to run more than normal, thus leading to high power bills. By performing dryer vent cleaning, your dryer will work more efficiently and translate to reduced power bills.

Reduce the Risk of Dryer Fires
According to a report, lint is a major cause of combustion, making up almost 30% of all home dryer fires. The same report states that dryer fires from 2007 to 2011 accounted for approximately 200 million in damages, 30 deaths, 460 injuries, and 15,200 fires. Therefore, not cleaning your dryer vents puts you at risk of a house fire.

Extend the Longevity of Your Dryer
Clogged dryer vents will make your dryer work harder than recommended making it wear down faster and needing expensive maintenance repairs. Furthermore, lint build-up can cause your dryer to heat up and damage delicate sensors.

When you clean your dryer vents, your dryer operates more efficiently and becomes safer. You will enjoy various benefits from saving money and time with lower power bills and faster dry cycles. Dryer vent cleaning translates to easier laundry time on you, your clothes, and the dryer.

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Excellent, professional, and conscientious. Chris cleaned two dryer vents for me at rental properties. He quickly diagnosed the problems, sent me photos via text during the work, was communicative through the entire process, and did a spectacular job.


Chris provided pictures before the cleaning and a detailed estimate of the charges for the service. He even pointed out items needing correction. I had some questions after the service and he was very responsive in providing further explanation.


Chris did an amazing job cleaning our dryer duct. There was a lot of trapped debris from the previous owners and we were unable to use our dryer that had just been installed. He came the same day we called and ensured that everything was cleaned and working properly.


I would absolutely recommend Capital Air to clean out your vents and ducts. He was honest, kind and straightforward. Great company all around.


Highly recommend this service! Chris was great and communicated with me throughout this process. Reasonable pricing and great customer service. Definitely should give them a call if you need your vents and ducts cleaned out!


We recently remodeled and wanted to know the vents were clean. Chris texted me when he was on his way, showed up on time, and was very professional. He explained what he was doing and sent me before/after pictures of each vent. Highly recommended.


Quick and efficient, fair price and explained everything up front with no sales pressure. Would highly recommend!! The before and after pictures speak for themselves!

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